Welcome to Aricee, a city enhanced by a powerful augmented reality technology called Radius. Enabled by powerful implants integrated into each user’s body, Radius can virtually project almost anything that Aricee's citizens may need, in most cases eliminating the need for inconvenient and wasteful physical products. To its users, Radius feels transparent and second-nature, almost as if it's a native part of your body. Its widespread adoption was pivotal in making Aricee a living technological utopia and a premier model for emerging E-Cities worldwide.

Maia Coda, the daughter of Radius’ creator, has been its first user from a very early age, and over time realized the curious ability to bend its systems to her will. A difficult skill that would become known as ‘conjuring,’ Maia learned how to reach far beyond the limitations of Radius’ operating system and freely project into Aricee’s virtual space straight from her active imagination. Recklessly testing the limits of the technology and her father’s good will, Maia one day inadvertently conjures a projection she has no control of. On the loose in Aricee with potentially damaging access to Radius’ deep control systems, Maia sets out to attempt to befriend and contain her creation before anyone notices, or worse, something goes terribly wrong.

Unfortunately for Maia and everyone else around her, things go terribly, terribly wrong.

SYNTHESIS is a grounded sci-fi graphic novel that explores the vast responsibilities that come with access to technology and the powerful illusory escapism it provides. Join Maia as she's left with no choice but to confront the murky waters of her past mistakes while uncovering a mystery that reveals the unfortunate fate of her and her friend's home in the process.