Welcome to Aricee, a city transformed by a powerful augmented reality technology called Radius. Enabled by powerful implants integrated into each user’s body, Radius can virtually project almost anything that Aricee's citizens may need, in most cases eliminating the need for inconvenient and wasteful physical devices. To its users, Radius feels transparent and second-nature, almost as if it's a native part of your body. Its widespread adoption was pivotal in making Aricee a living technological utopia and a premier model for emerging E-Cities worldwide.

Meet Maia Coda, a young enthusiastic Radius user moving to Aricee seeking the new, better lifestyle the city outwardly promises. Ever since she got her implants when she was younger, Maia has dreamed of someday living in Aricee and taking over with her incredible, artful, and nuanced Radius skills. Upon arrival she finds -- well, okay, maybe her skills haven't developed quite that far over the years compared to some other people she sees around here, BUT, actually... actually it seems like she may have badly misjudged the level to which Aricean citizens are capable of using Radius in their day-to-day lives.

Desperate to make her situation work, Maia scrambles to find whatever job she's qualified for and practice her skills in-between so she can hopefully soon compete with the best. But after making little to no progress and her patience wearing thin, Maia is convinced that her dream in Aricee was an impossible childish delusion from the start.

That is, until she one day stumbles upon a powerful device that when used could allow her to reach beyond her full potential in Aricee effortlessly...

SYNTHESIS is a grounded sci-fi graphic novel that explores the vast responsibilities that come with access to technology and the thin line that divides our physical and virtual worlds. Join Maia on her journey into Aricee as she not only pushes the system to its limits, but her friends and family to theirs as well.